Academy Friends

Academy Friends

We believe building strong relationships outside of the school is as equally important to those we build within our school. Our goal with the companies and organizations we work with is to construct a solid network in and around the Irish and Performing Arts communities for students and parents to embrace. Please take a moment to browse through our partners and wonderful friends who help keep the spirit alive in our school and our hearts

Celtic Fusion

CelticFusion is an Irish dance show in which all of its elements are fused. A multiracial cast helps tell the story of what happened to Irish/Celtic music and dance when it came to America and fused giving birth to American styles of dance and music. Many of the champion dancers are trained at the Harney Academy while the jazz, tap and ballet dancers are trained at the Academy of Performing Arts.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann is an international organization founded 50 years ago in Ireland to preserve traditional Irish culture. In Boston, the Hannifin-Cooley branch has grown to become one of the largest branches with a membership of musicians, dancers, teachers and patrons dedicated to upholding the traditions of Ireland through it's music, dance, and language. Learn more about the CCE Boston branch by clicking on the CCE logo.

Irish Cultural Centre

As one of the largest Irish organizations in the Eastern United States, the Irish Cultural Centre supports the preservation of the Irish culture, arts, and sporting events. Their facility in Canton, Mass serves as a focal point for many of the Irish activities and events for the New England Community. Learn more by clicking on the ICC icon.
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